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Building new housing capacity in Ottawa is entirely viable. The challenge is making it affordable.

Broadening the Base evolved from a conversation among business, non-profit, and community leaders who recognized that more and diverse resources, partnerships, and assets need to be woven together and dedicated to affordable housing in Ottawa in order to achieve our community goals.   Broadening the Base envisions that, through engaging a more diverse group of stakeholders to address the issue, new and under-utilized mechanisms and models to leverage resources and partnerships to accelerate affordable housing development in Ottawa can be identified.


Broadening the Base has three goals:

  • strengthen community collaboration
  • promote affordable housing as a civic responsibility
  • identify new ideas and mechanisms for affordable housing development, financing, philanthropy and the development of land/property assets to catalyze and leverage 1500 new affordable housing units in Ottawa in the next five years.

Five core areas of activity will be addressed to achieve these goals: affordable housing development partnerships; land assembly strategies; social impact investment; philanthropic support; and, community engagement and advocacy. A “design circle” for each core area of activity has been convened and will explore opportunities and mechanisms for partnerships and resource identification and development. Each design circle assembles a broad range of stakeholders, knowledge and expertise.  For more information on the organization and goals of each design circle, click here.

Until the Spring of 2016 the five circles will work to identify an innovative and Ottawa-made approach to addressing their facet of the initiative.  Regular meetings of design circles will be held to share activities and to test and deliberate opportunities for the integration of the recommended approaches to address the affordable housing gap in Ottawa The results of the deliberations will be developed into a strategic plan for affordable housing developing in Ottawa over the next five years. For an overview of project timelines, click here.

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