The Resilient Communities Fund, London The Resilient Communities Fund (RCF) is a program that allows real estate investors to act as affordable housing providers. RCF links a mortgage investment fund to an affordable housing endowment fund. The RCF is designed to avail market-rate units in any building development to someone in need of affordable housing, generating a market rate rental stream to an investor without negatively affecting property value.  Investors that purchase an RCF designated unit take out a mortgage with a designated mortgage provider. A portion of the mortgage interest the investor pays is diverted into an endowment fund that is topped up by philanthropic partners. The endowment fund covers the gap between the market rate the investor requires and the rent level that the individual or family can pay. The mortgage product is competitive in the marketplace, and involvement by non-profit agencies ensures consistent tenancy and regular rental payments (thereby reducing risks to the investor).


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