The Parkdale People’s Economy Project, TorontoThe Parkdale People’s Economy Project (PPE) began in Fall 2010 when The Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre (PARC) commissioned a research project to investigate the impacts of gentrification on food security in Parkdale.

Two recommendations from the research report were put into action. In 2011, the Parkdale Food Coalition, now Parkdale Food Network, was formed to explore and facilitate community responses to food insecurity. Second, a Community Land Trust model was taken up for further exploration through researching cases from other cities and engaging experts, key community players and researchers in the conversation. In 2012, the PPE received funding from the Metcalf Foundation to test the feasibility of the Community land trust model. In 2013, The Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust (PNLT) was formed. PNLT will acquire land and use it to meet the community needs of Parkdale by leasing it to non-profit partners who can provide affordable housing, furnish spaces for social enterprises and non-profit organizations, and offer urban agriculture and open space. PNLT promotes community participation in guiding how land is used to benefit the community. It also actively promotes and engages community support for affordable and diverse neighbourhood design.

In 2014, PNLT received Ontario Trillium funding to develop organizational capacity for the land trust (PPE, 2015)


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