The Resolve campaignThe Resolve campaign is a capital campaign to raise funds within the community to augment and mobilize federal, provincial and municipal grants for affordable housing builds in Calgary. Resolve solicits gifts of cash, securities or mutual funds, real estate, gifts-in kind or other opportunities in conjunction with its partner agenciees. The Resolve campaign is a collaboration of nine partner non-profit agencies raising $120 million to build affordable and supported rental housing for 3,000 vulnerable households in Calgary, AB. Each partner serves a particular homeless/low income population and has established a development and fundraising objective within the $120 million campaign goal. A 21 page binding, legal agreement outlines the partnership. The Resolve campaign is housed out of the Calgary Homeless Foundation. A dedicated staff has been hired for the campaign and an extensive public and private communications campaign is being undertaken on behalf of the partner agencies. As of 2015, the Resolve campaign has achieved approximately 1/3 of its goal with substantial donations received from 12 different homebuilders/developers as well as banks, business organizations and local philanthropists.

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