Sharing affordable housing.Broadening the Base (BtB) is a community-centered, collaborative and inclusive Ottawa initiative with the purpose of catalyzing and leveraging land, property, philanthropic and development resources to support the building of 1500 new affordable housing units over the next five years to provide sustainable, long term and affordable accommodation for key vulnerable populations including: the chronically homeless; low income families with young children; youth at risk; Aboriginal people, and; vulnerable seniors.

Broadening the Base is not a new affordable housing service provider or developer but a multi-stakeholder collaborative that will research and recommend new and innovative ways to leverage resources and partnerships to address the current gap in affordable housing development in Ottawa.  Read our plan

The initiative is led by an impressive and diverse team of community leaders and experts, all committed to engaging new resources and partnerships to support affordable housing development in Ottawa. Meet our Core and Leadership Team

Broadening the Base is a collaborative initiative, reporting its activities to and seeking regular feedback on its activities and potential solutions from social and affordable housing organizations, local businesses, government agencies and the community at large. Many of these organizations have committed formal, written support to Broadening the Base. Meet our sponsors and supporters